About Luminous Water Solutions

buildingLuminous Water Solutions founded in 1945 by Lloyd Gordon a true pioneer in water treatment. Lloyd passed away in 1988 but he has left his mark upon the company and upon the entire water industry.

In 1985 Luanne McDaniel opened up Luminous Water Solutions in Meadville Pennsylvania under the guidance of Lloyd Gordon.  In 2008, Gordon Brothers in Meadville changed our name to Luminous Water Solutions.

Luminous Water Solutions Service Department has over 50 years of water treatment experience combined in
water treatment and continues on going Education. Our Water Specialist is continually educated on the latest water quality treatments and the latest water treatment equipment with concentration on the Kinetico water equipment.

Luminous Water Solutions is certified by the Water Quality Association.  The Water Quality Association also certifies Luminous Water Solutions’ experienced service department.

Luminous Water Solutions formally Gordon Brothers has provided water treatment systems for over thousands of customers both residential and commercial in Northwestern Pennsylvania.