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Feb, 2018

Remodeling Your Home Should Start with Your Water

By: Thea Nixon | Published: 14 Feb, 2018 | Updated: 23 Apr, 2018

The home remodeling season is in full swing, as home shows advertise around the northwestern Pennsylvania area. The winter of 2018 may have wrought changes not readily apparent to the eye, but if you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, you will want to pay closer attention to hard water’s effects on your appliances, showers, sinks, and tubs. This season it may be time to remodel more than a room of your home. Make 2018 the time to remodel your WATER! Once and for all get rid of […]


A Guide to Hard Water in Your Home

By: Thea Nixon | Published: 27 Jul, 2016 | Updated: 27 Jul, 2016

Get answers to all your questions about hard water in your home. What does it mean to have “hard” or “soft” water? Hard water contains a noticeable amount of dissolved minerals, namely calcium and magnesium, but also chalk and lime. Soft water is treated water that only contains sodium. What are some indicators of hard water around your home? Signs of hard water in your home include: White scaling on faucets Soap scum on tubs and sinks Dingy whites from your laundry Mineral residue left on dishes and glassware What […]