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Kinetico home drinking water filtration systems

Drinking water solutions specifically designed for tap water are often used in the kitchen where people want the healthiest, best-tasting water for drinking and cooking. Depending on the type used, they not only improve the taste but also remove odors and other contaminants. But bringing all the water in the home up to high-quality drinking water standards is unrealistic, expensive and quite frankly, unnecessary. That’s why most home water filtration systems for drinking water treat the water and dispense it from a specific tap or device.

K5 Drinking Water Solution

K5 Drinking Water Station- home drinking water system- luminous water

Making contamination removal completely customizable

The K5 home drinking water filtration system is one of the most advanced reverse osmosis systems ever. Certified to remove more contaminants than any of the other reverse osmosis systems, it can produce more than 40 gallons of water a day—nearly three times the industry average. And thanks to FlexFiltration, its multistage filtering system is fully customizable and expandable to fit your water’s specific filtration needs should they ever change. The K5 is protected by a 10-year warranty on all parts.

Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Solution - Comparison Chart

The K5 installs under your sink, or in any other convenient location of your choice, and dispenses your high-quality water through a dedicated, lead-free designer faucet available in a variety of finishes to match your existing décor.

Unlike other home drinking water solutions, the K5 is smartly designed to be convenient and economical, to provide an abundant supply of high-quality water, to be easy to use and maintain, and to provide the best-tasting water for just pennies per gallon.

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AquaKinetic (A-200)

AquaKinetic (A-200) drinking water treatment system- luminous water solutions

The A-200 is a superb home drinking water filtration system in a compact form.

AquaKinetic drinking water solution by Kinetico provide an excellent, economical way to improve the taste and purity of your drinking water. Its three-stage system, including a high-capacity pre-filter, high-performance reverse osmosis membrane and carbon post-filter, eliminates a variety of common contaminants from your drinking water. What you’re left with is clean, clear, refreshing water for all your drinking and cooking needs.

The small home drinking water filtration system can be installed under your sink, in a basement, utility room or garage—wherever is most convenient for you. And the AquaKinetic system offers a lead-free faucet to dispense its high-quality water.

If you need an economical, efficient option for reverse osmosis technology, AquaKinetic drinking water solutions deliver. Ask your local Kinetico water professional about one.

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MACguard home drinking water systems- luminous water solutinos

Kinetico’s home drinking water systems give you better taste on tap with MACguard.

If removing chlorine from water or eliminating other unpleasant tastes and odors is your main concern, the MACguard carbon filter is an excellent choice. The MACguard Filter doesn’t take up precious counter or refrigerator space, or attach clumsily to your faucet. Unlike other carbon filtration systems, it fits and operates conveniently out of the way—under your sink or from some other location. Plus, it includes a dedicated, lead-free faucet for dispensing its refreshing filtered water.

With MACguard, you won’t worry about using your cartridge too long, a common problem with carbon filters that can actually degrade your water quality. The PureMometer® filter life indicator shows you how much of your 500-gallon filter capacity remains. When a filter change is necessary, the system alerts you by reducing the flow of water from the faucet. Changing the cartridge is quick, clean, and easy.

The MACguard Filter is the most affordable drinking water solution for improving your tap water. It’s a good first step to getting higher-quality water, and you can always upgrade to a more advanced system down the road.

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