Everpure EV9984-22 CES-2900M-136 Single Tank Water Softener

Product Description

You know what's better than investing in quality equipment? Investing in quality equipment that lasts. That's why we recommend this Everpure EV9984-22 Single Tank Water Softener.

Most water contains contaminants that can cause wear and tear on your plumbing and equipment, but certain minerals cause hard water, which can lead to expensive degeneration and damage. Everpure softeners cut back on electrical, salt, and water costs, and use fiberglass-reinforced resin vessels with NSF-approved liners to reduce corrosion. All Pentair Everpure softener models include a warranty to protect your investment.

This user-friendly high-quality line contains tanks made from FDA-approved materials that are easy to maintain. This single-tank water conditioner comes equipped with an easy-to-adjust 5-cycle control, meter-initiated regeneration, and an uninterrupted flow rate of as many as 73 gallons per minute. With 1.5" porting, this softener boasts a hardness removal of 136,000 to 512,000 grains—perfect for high volume applications like retail superstores (hot side only) or full service restaurants!

Everpure EV9984-22 CES-2900M-136 Single Tank Water Softener Specifications

  • Brand: Everpure
  • Part Number: EV9984-22, CES-2900M-136
  • Pack Size: 1
  • Tank: Single 
  • Rated Capacity (Grains): 136,000
  • Dimensions: 46" x 28" x 79"
  • Brine Tank Salt Capacity (LBS): 750
  • Continuous Flow Rate (GPM): 47
  • Intermittent Flow Rate (GPM): 60
  • Pipe Size (IN): 2

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