By: Thea Nixon | Published: 16 Oct, 2015

I am the owner of Zatsick’s Golden Dawn in Conneaut Lake, PA. It is a full-line Supermarket. The water has a lot of hardness and calcium to it. In my Baby Dept., we have a Proof Box that has two heating elements. I seemed to be replacing one every 7 weeks due to calcium build-up that would put a hole through the elements. The elements cost $200 a piece which is very costly. I contacted Ed from Luminous Water Solutions to have my water tested. He said that he could solve my problem, so I had the Kinetico System installed on January 30th, 2009. and I have seen immediate results. It is now a year later and no elements have been replaced. The water in the Proof Box pan is crystal clear with no calcium build-up. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend this system.