What Homeowners Should Look for When Choosing a Water Treatment Company

By: Thea Nixon | Published: 20 Dec, 2018 | Updated: 20 Dec, 2018

Homeowners in northwestern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas take notice the hardness of their water as well as the overall poor taste and harsh smell. To help find the right water treatment solution for their home’s water, they’ll turn to local water treatment and filtration companies. However, with something as important as your home’s water, you’ll want to be sure that you’re hiring a top professional company to perform the job and provide the best solutions. Hiring the right water treatment company will not only provide you with the most thorough installation but also excellent service and assistance for years to come.What Homeowners Should Look for When Choosing a Water Treatment Company- Luminous Water Solutions

With so many water treatment and filtration companies in Northwestern Pennsylvania, how can you be sure you’re hiring the right people for the job? How do you know if the water softener or filtration system if the right solution for your issues? To help navigate you through the process, we put together our advice on what to look for when hiring a water treatment company.

Certified Water Treatment Specialists vs. Plumber

Most people don’t realize that there’s actually certification tests required to become a water treatment specialist. In order to pass the certification exam, individuals must understand water chemistry and the technology behind all of the various water filtration and treatment options and equipment. In addition, water treatment specialists must be training on plumbing codes and connections.

However, plumbers, on the other hand, may be able to install a water filter unit for you but most likely will be unable to analysis your water issues and recommend a water treatment solution. Therefore, you may not end up with the right filtration system for your home’s water specific concerns. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make sure the company you choose employs certified water treatment specialists.

Are They Certified by The Water Quality Association?Water Quality Association Member- Water Treatment Solution Company- Luminous Water Solutions

The Water Quality Association is a third-party trade organization which performs rigorous testing on water filtration units to assess performance. Water filtration systems that receive the Goal Seal from the Water Quality Association have been thoroughly tested to prove their ability to work in homes for a minimum of 10 years. In addition, water treatment companies that are a part of the Water Quality Association have proven their professionalism and advanced capabilities in water filtration solutions.

Do They Have a Valid Insurance Policy?

It’s imperative to make sure that any water treatment system installation company working in your home has an adequate amount of general liability insurance. Working with a company with insurance coverage will help protect you by lowering your chances of being held liable in case an incident or accidents occur.

Do They Offer a Guarantee or Warranty?

Most top professional water treatment companies stand behind their products and systems by offering a proper guarantee for their services. Look for companies that offer a trial guarantee and transparent maintenance warranties on their products as these offerings will help you feel confident in making a decision.

How Experienced are They?

Purchasing a water treatment system for your home is an important decision on that may require you to take some time and do your research. When shopping around, be sure to ask companies about their experience with analyzing water and installing water filtration systems. While you should be curious about how long the company has been in business, you will also want to know their general types of experiences they’ve had.

Interested in Hiring a Water Treatment Company in Northwestern PA?

At Luminous Water Solution, our goal is to exceed your expectations by developing the right water filtration system to meet your home’s need. If you have any questions about water treatment systems, we will be more than happy to provide answers. As certified water treatment specialists backed by the Water Quality Association, we have years of experience with analyzing home’s water supply and customizing and implementing solutions based on home’s specific water issues. To get started, contact us today for a free in-home water analysis.