Whole House Water Treatment Systems

Luminous Water Solutions Droplet

A Kinetico whole house water filter will give you soft, clean water throughout your home.

Every day, Luminous Water Solutions helps families improve the quality of their water in their homes with whole house water treatment systems. If you have hard water problems that are affecting your dishes, laundry, hair/skin/nails, and other fixtures or surfaces around your home, talk to us about a Kinetico whole house water filter.

Kinetico’s whole house water treatment systems give you soft, pure water from every faucet in your home. The texture of your hair, skin, and nails will improve. You won’t need to use as much laundry or dish detergent. And you won’t see unsightly hard water stains in your shower and sinks, as well as on your dishware.

D_4c_hws_vert Non-Electric Whole-House Water Treatment Systems

Bill and Jim with pure water
Jim Kewley and Bill Pior Founders of Kinetico

While we do provide traditional electric water treatment equipment, we also provide Kinetico Non-Electric Water Systems, which offer a 10-year warranty – the best in the water industry. We recommend non-electric systems because they are more cost efficient than traditional electric water systems.

Kinetico’s non-electric systems use less salt and water and no electricity due to Kinetico’s patented water turbine technology.

Reverse Osmosis System

Certified to remove more contaminants than any other Reverse Osmosis systems on the market.

Provides you with uninterrupted treated water to your whole house. Kinetico systems use 50% less salt and regenerate using less water than electric systems. Voted Consumer Best Choice.

Other Water Treatment Solutions

Chlorination System – the most important water treatment process, from a health and safety point of view, is disinfection. Disinfection is necessary to destroy pathogenic (disease-producing) bacteria and other harmful organisms that may be present in water. A chlorination system provides the most effective treatment.

Ultraviolet Disinfection – when bacteria and viruses are exposed to Ultraviolet light, it destroys the reproductive capabilities of the microorganisms, which mean that they no longer pose a threat to human health.


For more information on Whole House Water Treatment systems for your home, please visit the specialty water filters section of our website.