Luminous Water Solutions is changing its name to Clearwater Systems, but our commitment to our valued customers will remain as strong as ever.

Water Softener Solutions for the Home

With one news story after another about contaminated water and the thousands of people affected, you can’t always trust the powers that be to make sure your tap water is safe for you, your family members, and your pets to drink. Even when it is technically safe, your water can still have an off-putting taste or smell. Not to mention that hard water problems can leave unsightly residues on household appliances, and lead to mineral build-up in your pipes, and can cost you more money on personal care items (such as lotion and expensive shampoos and conditioners).

Kinetico has been Northwest Pennsylvania choice for soft water systems for over 30 years!

Kinetico water softener solutions are systems that use 50-80% less salt and water than conventional water softeners.
That means less hassle & more savings for you from Luminous Water Solutions!

Water Softener Solutions for Business

Businesses are affected by hard water, too. Restaurant owners know that it leaves behind a residue on glassware. Carwash and laundromat owners know that hard water requires the use of more soap to get a good lather going. Salon owners know it dries out their patrons’ hair, skin, and nails.

Luminous Water Solutions can make a difference in the quality of your water with the commercial and home water softener solutions we provide.


We Provide the Best Water Treatment Systems in Meadville, PA

Luminous Water Solutions has been serving Northwestern Pennsylvania counties (Erie, Warren, Crawford, Northern Mercer, and Venango) and Eastern counties (such as Chautauqua, New York) for over 30 years, making us a trusted supplier of water treatment systems. Luminous Water Solutions provides commercial and home water softener solutions, including filters.


Kinetico Water Softener Solutions in Meadville, PA

Luminous Water Solutions is an independent dealership offering standard electric water treatment systems. We have been exclusively selected by Kinetico Corporation, the world leader in water treatment offering the best, most efficient non-electric water systems, from drinking to whole house filtration. Kinetico Water Systems are the most efficient and effective drinking water systems and water filters on the market today.

Luminous Water Solution’s professionals hold themselves to a higher level of standards. Whether providing a thorough analysis of your home’s water, explaining how water systems work, or recommending the water softener solutions that are right for you, one thing is certain: nobody brings our experience, knowledge, and level of professionalism into your home.

Contact our team of trained Water Specialists to install your Kinetico Water System, and learn how Luminous Water Systems can not only clean your drinking water, but also save you money. We are your Clear Choice for water softener solutions!

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