Waterdrop G2P600 Remineralization RO System Combo Kit

Product Description

The Waterdrop G2P600 Remineralization RO System Combo Kit is a home water filtration system that uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology to purify and filter water. The system includes a 5-stage filtration process that removes a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chlorine, and sediment. The system also includes a remineralization filter, which adds back essential minerals that are removed during the RO process, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals can improve the taste and quality of the water and provide some health benefits.

The Waterdrop G2P600 system is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a convenient and effective option for improving the quality of your home's water. The combo kit includes all the filters and other consumables needed to keep the system running smoothly.

The Waterdrop G2P600 Remineralization RO System Combo Kit brings you the benefits of mineralization, together with low energy consumption, high performance, and long-life components. This is an easy to install system that saves water and eliminates the need for bottle refills. Only 50% of all water is consumed; half goes back into your home via the storage tank, while the dehydrated portion is collected as fertilizer for your plants or garden.

Premium Filtration Performance

  • First sediment PP membrane: Reduces rust, sediment, suspended solids, and other large particles.
  • Premium activated carbon block: Reduces chlorine, organic matter, taste and odor, etc.
  • Second sediment PP membrane: Reduces rust, sediment, suspended solids, and other large particles.
  • 0.0001-micron high-precision reverse osmosis membrane: Reduces TDS, lead, salt, atrazine, fluoride, nitrates, PFAS, bacteria, etc.
  • Post activated carbon block: Reduces taste and odor and improves the taste of water.
  • Remineralization filter MNR35 adds 18 natural minerals in to water, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.

A Sip Of Nature Doesn’t Cost Much

  • This reverse osmosis system comes with an external RO remineralization filter to add beneficial minerals.
  • 18 natural materials are adopted to restore minerals. You will benefit from RO mineral water in the long run.

RO Mineral Water’s Benefits

  • Enhance bones: Improve bone health and help prevent diseases such as reducing post-menopausal bone density.
  • Lower bad cholesterol: Lower harmful cholesterol with magnesium and potassium content.
  • Promote digestion: Help digestion by increasing the amylase secretion from the pancreas with its sulfate content.
  • Improve skin: Rich mineral content moisturizes the skin and delays wrinkles.
*Contents mentioned above are benefits of mineral water, not Reverse Osmosis System with remineralization.

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