Whole House Water Softener System

Product Description

With the 3-stage filtration system, your water is purified. The first stage removes sediment, silt, sand and dirt in addition to extending the life of water softeners and filters as well as preventing damage to control valves. The second stage uses ion exchange mineral tank and brine water conditioner that contains cation resin media to remove hard minerals like magnesium and calcium.

The third stage utilizes solid carbon cartridge for removing VOC's (volatile organic compounds), pesticides and insecticides, industrial solvents that are found in our water supply. These contaminants can cause staining on sinks, tubs, showers and clothing which are major indicators for high mineral content in your water supply. Hard water causes a higher risk of lime scale deposits in household systems thus increasing the cost of domestic water heating by about 15-20%.

Water hardness affects the quality and efficiency of your water system. With hard water, you may see build-up of lime scale deposits in your household plumbing systems. This can cause blockages and reduces the efficiency of hot boilers and tanks, increasing the cost of domestic water heating by approximately 15 to 20%.

Whole House Water Softener System Specifications

Model/SKU: CQE-WH-01123, CQE-WH-01124 , CQE-WH-01123S
Controller: Fleck 5600SXT Automatic Backwash Control Valve with LED display.
Flow Rate(Gallon-per-Minute): 9 gpm for 1 cubic foot tank, 11 gpm for 1.5 cu.ft, 11-13 gpm for 2 cu.ft.
Tank: White fiberglass tank , available in all Stainless Steel (+$500, inquire).
Bypass Valve: 3/4" or 1" Stainless Steel
Riser style 1" internal flow distributor.
20" x 50" (Diameter x Height) Brine water mineral exchange tank.
Media Life: 10+ years.
Filters Life: Sediment pre- and carbon block post filter is recommended to be replaced every 3-6 months

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